Puloculinary #133: Seulawah Wine Coffee

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Wine coffee is getting famous nowadays in Aceh. Wine coffee is made of coffee not grapes. Wine coffee so called fermented coffee, and the drying process is much longer than original coffee. It takes about 60 days of drying.


I never drink this kind of coffee. When I was in Banda Aceh, I tasted wine coffee of Arabica Seulawah Cafe with friends of mine.


The taste of wine coffee is quiet different to original Arabica coffee. It’s fresh and a little bit sour. Seulawah wine coffee is one of famous brand in Aceh Province. Its price is pretty high, it’s about IDR 250,000 for 250 ml of wine coffee.


It was a great experience to have that kind of coffee with friends. It’s unforgettable.

Restaurant Information

Arabica Seulawah Coffee
Lhong Raya, Banda Raya, Banda Aceh City, Aceh 23117, Indonesia

Seulawah Wine Coffee
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Hahahaa...omaa..tajam tat hai..peuda hai na foto nyan lon haahaa