Puloculinary #142: Breakfast at Restaurant of Ayani Hotel, Banda Aceh

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Hi tasteemers. I am glad reviewing Ayani hotel’s restaurant in Banda Aceh. Me and my family used to stay in the hotel. It’s located at the heart of Banda Aceh city in Peunayong, close to Medan Hotel.


We had breakfast at the restaurant. Frankly, it’s a great restaurant of three stars hotel. The interior is beautiful, the lighting is also awesome.




I had some waffles. I like waffles so much with variety of toppings. Sometime the topping is maple syrup, but most frequently are honey and jam.


It was a great moment to enjoy with family in a pretty good restaurant to have breakfast together.


I recommend this hotel to stay in Banda Aceh, and had breakfast at their cozy restaurant, with variety of menus.

Restaurant Information

Ayani Hotel Restaurant
Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani No.20, Peunayong, Kec. Kuta Alam, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23122, Indonesia

Breakfast at Restaurant of Ayani Hotel, Banda Aceh
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